Creating an engaging Youtube Thumbnail

Youtube Thumbnail design

How to become the next viral Youtube star or content creator is anybody’s guess. There is no formula for virality or fame to follow, but there are a few good tips and tricks that can put you above the rest of your competitive niche.

These tips have been shared by massive youtube channels like Mr.Beast, Pewdiepie, Airrack & more.

Here are some top tips for creating an engaging YouTube thumbnail:

1. Use a visually appealing image: The thumbnail is the first thing that viewers see when they come across your video, so it’s important to choose an image that catches their eye. Make sure the image is high quality and relevant to the content of your video.

2. Make it clear: The thumbnail should give viewers an idea of what your video is about. Avoid using overly complicated or abstract images that don’t clearly convey the subject of your video.

3. Use bright, bold colors: Bright, bold colors can help your thumbnail stand out in a sea of thumbnails. Use color psychology to choose colors that will attract the right viewers to your video.

4. Include text: Adding text to your thumbnail can help give viewers a better understanding of what your video is about. Just make sure the text is easy to read and not too cluttered.

5. Use attention-grabbing design elements: You can use design elements like arrows, circles, or lines to draw the viewer’s eye to specific parts of the thumbnail. Just be careful not to overdo it and make the thumbnail too busy.

6. Test different thumbnails: Once you’ve created a few different thumbnail options, try A/B testing to see which one performs the best. You can do this by uploading different versions of your thumbnail and seeing which one gets the most clicks.

On the flipside, here are some things to avoid when designing a YouTube thumbnail:

-Don’t use red colored borders. We see this mistake often. Red borders, especially on the bottom, can signal to the user that they have already watched your video.

-Don’t use low quality or pixelated images: A low quality or pixelated thumbnail can make your video look unprofessional and may discourage viewers from clicking on it.

-Don’t use generic or unoriginal images: Using generic or unoriginal images can make your thumbnail blend in with all the other thumbnails on YouTube. Try to choose a unique image that sets your video apart.

-Don’t use misleading or clickbait titles: While it’s important to make your thumbnail eye-catching, you don’t want to trick viewers into clicking on your video with a misleading or clickbait title. This can lead to a high bounce rate and can hurt the reputation of your channel in the long run.

-Don’t use too much text: While adding text to your thumbnail can be effective, using too much text can make the thumbnail cluttered and hard to read. Stick to a few key words and make sure the text is easy to read at a small size.

-Don’t ignore YouTube’s thumbnail guidelines: YouTube has specific guidelines for thumbnails, including size, resolution, and content. Make sure to follow these guidelines to avoid having your thumbnail rejected or removed.

What’s the best time to post on Youtube?

When should you post your sleek new Youtube thumbnail? Well, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of the best time to post on YouTube, as it will depend on your audience and the type of content you produce. However, there are a few general tips that can help you determine the best time to post on YouTube:

-Consider your audience: Think about when your viewers are most likely to be online and able to watch your videos. For example, if you have a lot of school-aged viewers, you might want to post during the evening when they are home from school.

-Analyze your channel’s analytics: Look at the data in your YouTube analytics to see when your videos tend to get the most views. This can give you an idea of the times when your audience is most active on the platform.

-Experiment with different times: Don’t be afraid to try posting at different times to see what works best for your channel. You may find that certain types of content perform better at certain times of the day.

-Consider the algorithm: YouTube’s algorithm tends to favor new content, so posting at times when the platform is less crowded can help your videos get more visibility.

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