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You! Feel free to do as you please. No limits on print, reproduction, distribution, reach, etc. That would be lame!

Great question. Hiring an employee comes with hidden costs, especially in the US, such as time spent searching, sorting through candidates, paying any agency fees, insurance, accounting, retention incentives, training them around your brand guidelines, the list goes on and on.

The average senior level experienced graphic designer has a salary starting at  $100k+ per year. A standard mid level designer is anywhere from $60-85k. Graphic Sprout's most expensive plan is comparable to having multiple senior level designers on your team for the annual price of a single mid level designer.

Finding the right candidate can take months. Can your business go months without new visual content? ...

So, the freelancer route! It's always nice when you can craft a meaningful business relationship with a hungry freelancer. Unfortunately, your output is at the whim of your freelancer's ever growing client list, rates, vacations, sick time, etc. Some freelancers can be spotty, which can also leave you nervously wondering "what's going on with our creative work...". 

You could also go the route of hiring a traditional design agency that includes heavy down payments, retainers, unexpected invoices, and slow turnaround times. Though the work is often superb!

Graphic Sprout gives you the output of your own personal creative team, without the need of hiring multiple employees. Our experience spans over a decade of working with brands and businesses of all sizes and industries. No surprise costs, no radio silence, and no wasted time. Get started instantly today.

We've been there, too. Paying $5 for a logo sounds too good to be true...and it is.

Unfortunately, marketplaces have been saturated with low quality workers and some listings are even bots! A lot of designer's work is template based and reused across hundreds of orders, so you never know if you really got your money's worth. 

It can take a couple hours to sift through all of the freelancers. Sure, you could filter results for each category, raising your effective design cost by proxy.

With Graphic Sprout, you get the ease of a marketplace, but the quaity of an agency & professional creative team, everytime. We also implement multiple points of contacts for both our singular services & monthly plans so you can stay updated every step of the way.

We feel like using the term "unlimited" is deceiving in terms of output. It seems to be used as a buzzword by lower quality services that overpromise and underdeliver. That's what we want to change. 

Believe it or not, excluding AI art requests for monthly subscribers, our creative work is done by humans. No matter how many people call us robots! Requesting 5,000 designs in a month is unrealistic for any design service.

With that said, we DO NOT cap your monthly creative requests. The cap is determined by your type of design requests and your plan queue allowance.

For example, if you're on our 'Starter Plan' with 1 queued request and 1 active request, you may have both of your requests completed in the same day if the requests aren't complicated. If all of your requests through the month aren't complicated, you may end up with 2-4x the estimated average project amount.

Unfortunately, no. You must keep an active subscription to have your requests completed. If in the event your queue only has a few projects left, we can prorate you at a daily rate. Please contact us before cancellation if you have queue requests left.

Turnaround depends on your project request. For example, a website page design may take 2-5 days, while multiple Instagram Post designs can be completed within a day. 

You will receive an estimated deadline after you request a project. If you need a more expedited deadline, please try to let us know in your initial project request.

All of our plans and single services include white labeling :) Your deliverable files and respective folders will have no mention of Graphic Sprout! We won't repost design work on our social channels without your prior permission.

Yup! it's even encouraged.

We do ask that there is 1 main point of contact that can override any other team members, to keep everybody on track.

Glad you asked! We'll actually adapt to your brand's style, or create a style based on our briefs. Obviously, a software company won't have the same brand guidelines as a bakery, unless you want to do that of course.

We're a team of fluid designers that can be bold & loud, tech or futuristic, chic & modern, soft & bubbly and everything in between.

The short answer? Quality, Service, Options and Experience.

The long(er) answer: Our knowledge starts over 12 years ago in Massachusetts (Yes, we're US based) with Screen Printing Apparel, Digital Printing, Signage, Sublimation, Promo Products, Building E-Commerce brands, and Graphic/Web Design for all types of businesses. 

After reading through hundreds of feedbacks and reviews for other similar services, it was clear there is sometimes a disconnect between what businesses actually need when they need it, and what is interpreted by some designers. That's not to mention some other problems like communication, overuse of templated designs, quality of work, overpromises, and even some services exploiting the terribly low monthly wages in some areas of the world. 

Graphic Sprout aims to cut down on the back and forth, saving you time, money and deadlines. Our philsophy is great output requires great input, in terms of asking the right questions and learning your businesses project goals every time.

We've also productized most of our core services so you can try us before you commit to monthly design services. If your design volume isn't as high as what's needed on monthly plans, you can continue to use single services for as long as you'd like. Think of us as your creative agency on demand! With the ease of a marketplace, but the quality and output of an agency.

Try us and find out, we double dog dare you!

Also, the FAQ above breaks it down pretty well.

But really, there are a handful of great "competitors" that we see as inspiration and colleagues, rather than competition. Shoutout to  Designed.Co , DesignJoy & the others that are doing it right! We believe there is no shortage of need for good design.

The design world is great because most creatives are open to encouragement, critique, and feedback without feeling like you're in competition. No gatekeeping the pen tool in graphic design!

At launch, believe it our not, we're 1 full time founder/designer, with a handful of dedicated team members on call ready to complete your service. We are ready to scale at a moments notice when needed. In the event of overbooking or large queues, we can scale up or may choose to cease additional sign ups.


For a full list of scope of work, please checkout our Scope of Services page.

At this time, we do not offer:

  • Video Editing
  • Tattoo Design
  • Content Writing
  • CAD Modeling
  • Prototype Design
  • Structural Design
  • Blueprints 
  • Complex 3D Modeling
  • Fabrication/Product Design
  • Offensive Artwork*

*Graphic Sprout reserves the discretional power to reject any project requests and/or clients that are deemed offensive to any persons race, sex, gender, religion, beliefs, physical or mental ability, or anything otherwise that may be seen as offensive to a specific person or group. 

We'll revise it for you until you're happy! If for some reason we can't satisfy your needs (we doubt that'll happen) we'll go back to the drawing board with a new concept.

We do not. With the recent addition of our productized services, you can try our service to see if we're a good fit for your operations. 

If you'd like to learn more about our process in depth, feel free to contact us so you know you're in good care!

If you're not happy with your completed single project, please contact us ASAP so we can work with you!

We offer prorated refunds after 6 months for our annual subscription plans.

Yup! Perfect for agencies servicing multiple clients or businesses with multiple sub brands or entities.

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